Het Atelier van Toen
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Would you like to recieve a quote, want to know more about our offer, the possibilities for your specific situation or our delivery schedule?
Please contact us through:

E-mail: info@hetateliervantoen.nl

Phone: +31(0)36 524 67 36

To be able to tailor the quote to your request, we need as much information a possible on your wishes:
-For what purpose do you need the clothing, accessory and / or reproduction?
-From what era does the product need to be?
-In what enviroment (type of exhibition, behind glass, to be touched / worn) will the product end up?
-Does the clothing need to be hand-finished or, for examle, completely handmade?
-Do you have a preference for certain materials or colors?
-In case of reconstructions: could you send us pictures and other information on the original?
-Do you have the original, from which the reconstruction needs to be made, available for study?

The more information you can give us, the more precise the quote will be and the faster you will receive it.

We always try to answer you within a week.