Het Atelier van Toen
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Our passion for Medieval clothing and textiles comes into its own in reconstructions of extant period pieces.
For these special projects, we draw from all our knowledge and expertise.

We could make you reconstructions of clothing as shown in period art. Or we may recreate some clothing from archaeological finds. This sort of addition can give a whole new dimension to your exhibition and a richer experience for your visitors.

For instance, if you have a tool for Medieval textile crafts in your collection, we can show your visitors how is was used and what was made with it.
Do you display some Medieval textiles? We can recreate the original piece.
A fully dressed mannequin might speak to you visitors imagination more than a flat image in a painting or a the grey stone of an effigy would.
A reconstruction doesn't necessarily need to be a garment. We also re-create pieces of embroidery and woven bands.

If there is a forensic reconstruction of a Medieval person in your exhibition, he or she deserves to be dressed properly. This we can provide for you as well. We think about who this person was, what he / she would have worn and, not to forget, how the reconstruction is situated in the exhibition. To us historical accuracy is important, the experience you want your visitors to have equally so.

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