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You can book het Atelier van Toen (roughly translates to Workshop of Yesteryear) to come to your event. Depnding on the type of event we offer a few different options.

With our trade-tent, aswell as our marketstall, we can stand on in- and outdoor locations, on paved or unpaved floors. This makes it possible for you to book us for:

-Castle fairs, both in the gardens or in the courtyard.
-Historical markets, for instance in parcs, but also in the city center.
-Medieval themed weeks or weekend in (historical) themeparcs and museums.


At your event we re-enact artisans/traders, and doing so your visitors are not forgotten. We can tell them all about medieval clothing and textiles, and give demonstrations of various medieval textile-crafts.
In our marketstall your visitors will find examples of medieval tools for these crafts, clothing and accessories. They may hold them, try them on and ask us their questions. Finally we offer some of these items as a medieval souvenir.

If you have any specific wishes for your event, we most likely can help. We can, for example, shift the focus from re-enacting our trade, to informing the public more actively. We could also provide your visitors with short workshops or we could help you put together a Medieval fashion show.

Questions or suggestions? Please let us know.