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With our products we bring history to life. On events, Medieval fairs, festivals and markets we can take that to the next level.

We will introduce your visitors to a variety of crafts used to make Medieval clothing, accessories and their embellishment.
We give demonstrations of various medieval crafts such as tabletweaving, combweaving, embroidery, loopbraiding, working the lucet and of course tailoring and sewing.

We love to tell your visitors all about clothing and fashion through the (Middle) Ages and why it looks like it does. We explain for example how history and culture influenced the evolution of fashion.

In our camp we represent artisans who sell their wares.
To do so, we make use of our spacious trade-tent.
We furnish this like a Medieval home, with a workspace and shop on one side, and a livingspace with a table and bed on the other. Also, this tent offers a lot of space for your visitors to come in and have a look at our demonstrations, even when it rains!

When your event does not offer the space needed for such a big tent, for instance when it is indoors, you can ask for our marketstall instead.

In our camp you will naturally find nothing that does not belong in the Middle Ages: our products, tools of the trade, tents, fourniture, dishes, and of course our own clothing.

Would you like to know how we can contribute to your event? Feel free to contact us.