Het Atelier van Toen
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At het Atelier van Toen (roughly translates to "the Workshop of Yesteryear") you are in the right place for all your Medieval textiles. This is where your wardrobe begins and ends.
We make undergarments, topgarments, headwear and accessories, mainly for Re-enactment and Living History.

With everything we do, we make use of our extensive knowledge of Medieval clothing, from the Early Dark Age to Late Middle Ages.
This knowledge comes from various sources. We study period art, illuminated manuscripts and archaeological finds. Our own research is complemented by that of others: archaeologists, historians and costumers.

Whenever we can, we put this knowhow into our products.
Apart from tailoring, we know our way around multiple medieval textile crafts, such as tablet-weaving, embroidery, fingerloop-braiding and more. A handmade detail like that, would complete your garment and make it truly unique.

When designing your commission, you have our focus. After all, this is about you and your wishes. We will discuss your "Medieval alter ego", what clothes and accessories would suit them and how you envision that.
All clothing is custom made to size. Sometimes you may take your own measurements and send us those by e-mail, other times we would take your measurements ourselves. In some cases we like to have one or two fittings, to ensure a perfect fit.

Our products are standard hand finished. You won't find any visible machine-stitches. This gives your purchase a more period and authentic look.
Any other finishing touches are all up to you: do you want to pimp your garment with some fancy embroidery? No problem.
Would you even like to have your garment fully handmade, like it would have been in de Middle Ages? Anything is possible!

So, to recap: with us every piece of clothing is unique and tailored to you specifically.
Questions or suggestions? Please let us know.